Funded by the NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions Cooperative Agreement Award #NA16SEC4810009

Research conducted within the NOAA CCME will fall under three focus areas, each with a unique set of objectives and strategies to address CCME goals through an integrative approach: Coastal Intelligence, Coastal Resilience, and Place-Based Conservation.



Coastal Intelligence

  • Improve sea level rise impact projections by enhancing the SLR observation network
  • Improve understanding of ecosystem health through investigations focused on the influence of stressors on ecosystem processes
  • Improve understanding of ecosystem dynamics through using archived, existing, and new data streams
  • Develop database and decision support tools to address coastal hazards
  • Identify/develop best practices for ecosystem restoration and assessment


Coastal Resilience

  • Apply knowledge of natural and nature based infrastructure to address issues of extreme weather events
  • Engage in community-based approaches for implementation of natural and nature-based infrastructure
  • Create a model for a community based approach to assessing needs and implementing solutions for mitigation of impact from extreme events and sea level rise using natural and nature-based infrastructure
  • Develop tools for the assessment of natural and nature-based infrastructure in a selected variety of coastal ecosystem and communities for mitigation of impact of extreme events and sea level rise


Place-Based Conservation

  • Develop outreach, policy, and decision-making tools
  • Link natural and applied science, social sciences, and policy-making to increase management capacity
  • Engage and involve local communities for balanced conservation that addresses demands for coastal resource use and economic development
  • Enhance community engagement by emphasizing the unique opportunities and issues connected with special places of concern
  • Provide comprehensive ecosystem service valuation tools and place-based knowledge
  • Develop and implement ecosystem service assessment tools that balance conservation with the demands for coastal resource utilization and economic development.