Funded by the NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions Cooperative Agreement Award #NA16SEC4810009

Lily Walker

Lily Walker is a PhD student in the Coastal and Marine System Science program and works in the Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics lab of Dr. Michael Wetz.

The goal of her dissertation research is to increase understanding of estuarine water quality and oxygen dynamics in South Texas, specifically focusing on physical and chemical drivers of dissolved oxygen.

A large portion of her dissertation will investigate the possible linkages between submarine groundwater discharge and hypoxia formation in local bay systems. With continued education and research along the parallel lines of marine ecology and geochemistry, she hopes to apply skills such as ecological modeling, geospatial tools, and remote sensing to help guide specific management interventions to mitigate anthropogenic impacts on climate change.

Gabrielle Figueroa

Gabrielle Figueroa is a NOAA CCME Undergraduate Scholar completing a B.S. in Environmental Science at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. She is interested in pursuing a career in environmental conservation and innovation. Gabrielle has been a part of local outreach efforts and wants to continue to learn more ways to help educate and motivate others to learn more about their environment.

Kennedy Jones

Kennedy Jones is a junior Biology Environmental Science major from Canton, MS. She is an Honors student at Jackson State University and is participating in land surface temperature research. Kennedy is interested in the physical and chemical changes of Earth and wants to discover ways to sustain the Earth’s natural cycle and natural resources.

Devon is an undergraduate Marine Science major conducting research in the area of marine robotics with Dr. Steve Moore of CSU Monterey Bay.

Katia Araly Sanchez is a NOAA CCME Undergraduate Scholar completing a B.S. in Environmental Studies Environmental Science with a concentration in Society and Environment at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Katia is interested in pursuing a career in and is currently conducting research in the area of environment and society under the supervision of Owen Temby.