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[* indicates CCME Scholar; ** CCME-affiliated faculty, *** NOAA Federal or Affiliate]



Student Publications in Journals

  1. Bellamy, Philip W.* and H.J. Cho** (2019). A GIS-Based Approach for Determining Potential Runoff Coefficient and Runoff Depth for the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA [Online First]. IntechOpen, DOI:
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  3. Lima, A.*, D. Kim, A.M. Song, G.M. Hickey, and O. Temby** (2019). Trust and Influence in the Gulf of Mexico’s Fishery Public Management Network. Sustainability, 11, 6090, DOI:


Faculty Publications in Journals

  1. Alexander, T.C., Han, F.X.**, Arslan, Z., Tchounwou, P.B. (2019). Toxicity of As in Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791) from the Northern Gulf of Mexico at the presence of Zn and its antioxidant defense mechanisms. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 172, 514-522, DOI:
  2. Brokaw, R. J., B. Subrahmanyam, and S.L. Morey** (2019). Loop current and eddy-driven salinity variability in the Gulf of Mexico. Geophysical Research Letters, 46, DOI:
  3. Easton, E. E.**, and D. Hicks** (2019). Complete mitochondrial genome of Callogorgia cf. gracilis (Octocorallia: Calcaxonia: Primnoidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 4:1, 361-362, DOI:
  4. Garza, C.** (2019). Landscape Ecology in the Rocky Intertidal: Opportunities for Advancing Discovery and Innovation in Intertidal Research. Current Landscape Ecology Reports, 1-8, DOI:
  5. León-Pérez M.C.*, W.J. Hernández and R.A. Armstrong (2019). Characterization and Distribution of Seagrass Habitats in a Caribbean Nature Reserve using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Field Sampling. Journal of Coastal Research, DOI:
  6. Paudel, B., P.A. Montagna** and L. Adams (2019). The relationship between suspended solids and nutrients with variable hydrologic flow regimes. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 29:100657, 9 pp, DOI:
  7. Paudel, B., P.A. Montagna** and L. Adams (2019). Water quality data from estuarine variable hydrologic flow regimes during frequent drought. Data in Brief, 25:104178, 18 pp, DOI:




Faculty Publications in Journals

  1. Rodriguez, R., E. E. Easton**, T. C. Shirley, J. W. Tunnell and D. Hicks** (2018). Preliminary Multivariate Comparison of Coral Assemblages on Carbonate Banks in the Western Gulf of Mexico. Gulf and Caribbean Research, 29(1): 23-33, DOI: