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Student Training and Outcomes

  • CCME has graduated our first student, a Master of Science student who has completed his NERTO and has entered the STEM workforce at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
  • CCME has recruited a total of 50 graduate and undergraduate students.
  • The first CCME Center-wide Core Competency Course (CWCC) was held in Gulfport, MS, where students received online and in-person training in NOAA-mission related research areas.
  • CCME Faculty and students conducted a visit to PMEL to expand collaborative efforts in the area of Coastal Intelligence.
  • Four CCME Scholars have successfully competed to participate in R/V Okeanos Explorer training opportunities.
  • One CCME Scholar was awarded a slot on the Gulf of Maine Harmful Algal Bloom Cyst Cruise.
  • One CCME Scholar successfully competed to join a NOAA Deep Sea Coral Cruise Expedition.
  • Two CCME Scholar NERTOs have been completed with NOAA researchers at AOML and NOS CO-OPS.


  • CCME Research focuses on the areas of Coastal Resilience, Coastal Intelligence and Place-Based Conservation. Examples of current student research in these three focal areas include:
    • Coastal Resilience - Development of Wetlands to Reduce Nutrient Loading from Stormwater Runoff into Coastal Waters
    • Coastal Intelligence - Nitrogen sequestration associated with oyster aquaculture in the Oyster Bay, Aquaculture Use Zone, Wakulla County, FL
    • Place-Based Conservation - Assessment of Salt Marsh Ecosystem Services in the US Gulf of Mexico
  • CCME will host a Special Session titled Coastal Intelligence and Big Data as part of the ASLO Summer 2018 Conference.



  • CCME engaged with NOAA personnel, including NOS Deputy Assistant Administrator Nicole Le Boeuf, at the first Annual Meeting held at the Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research in Charleston, SC.
  • CCME Center Director, Dr. Larry Robinson, traveled to the National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, AL to expand collaborative research efforts.
  • CCME has worked with an external evaluator to develop an evaluation plan template that will be utilized across all four NOAA Cooperative Science Centers.
  • Visit to CCME Lead Institution by retired Vice Admiral Manson Brown, Deputy NOAA Administrator




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