Funded by the NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions Cooperative Agreement Award #NA16SEC4810009

Student Training and Outcomes

  • CCME has graduated nine students (1 Transfer, 5 B.S. and 3 M.S.). During the reporting period CCME Graduate Scholar Anthony Lima graduated from the CCME UTRGV Master’s program and entered the CCME TAMUCC Doctoral program.
  • CCME Graduate Scholar Mallory Brooks has been hired by NOAA the Southeast Regional Office as the Fishery Ecosystem Plan (FEP)Coordinator at Caribbean Fishery Management Council as a result of her NERTO. This is a non-Federal contract position.
  • CCME currently has a total of 63 active graduate and undergraduate scholars (5 community college transfers, 23 first time in college undergraduates, 24 Master’s students, and 11 PhD students).
  • Five CCME Graduate Scholar NERTOs have been completed with NOAA researchers at AOML, SEFSC, the NMPAC and a National Marine Sanctuary (Fall 2018, Spring 2019).


CCME Research focuses on the areas of Coastal Resilience, Coastal Intelligence and Place-Based Conservation. Examples of completed NERTOs in these three focal areas include:

Coastal Resilience – NERTO and Thesis Defense Completed: CCME Scholar Cristina Madrid, Resilient Communities: Local Disaster Coordination in the Rio Grande Valley

NERTO mentor: Kim Penn, OCM and Dr. Melissa Kenney, University of Maryland ESSIC/NOAA CICS  

Place-Based Conservation – NERTO and Thesis Defense Completed: CCME Scholar Anthony Lima, Inter-agency Cooperation, Policy, and Management of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery

NERTO mentor: Dr. Scott Large, NMFS/ Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Coastal Intelligence – NERTO Completed: CCME Scholar Nigel Lascelles, Chemical Characterization of Microplastics Polymers for CSC Graduate Student

NERTO mentor: Dr. Ashok Deshpande, Sandy Hook, NMFS/Northeast Fisheries Science Center


  • CCME Science Advisory Council and Community Stakeholder Advisory Board members have enhanced participation in CCME activities through attendance of CCME monthly calls (Spring 2019).
  • NOAA CCME conducted a site visit of CCME Partner Institution B-CU on February 20, 2019


Last Updated: April 1, 2019