• FAMU Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Day May 11, 2023

    CCME II had a booth at the annual STEM Day at FAMU. The university wide event engages 8th through 12th grade students. During the event, CCME II scholars discuss their NOAA CCME student experiences, assist with activities (sphere activity and drones), and network with personnel from ORTA. The event included Bryan Cole from the UxSRTO, colleagues...

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  • FAMU CCME II Scholars at Carrabelle Research Cruise May 11, 2023

    CCME-II at FAMU hosted two events in collaboration with NOAA OAR’s Office of Research, Transition, and Application (ORTA) and Uncrewed Systems (UxS) Research Transition Office (UxSRTO). This event, conducted in Carabelle, FL, also included participation from the Florida Institute of Oceanography providing FAMU scholars with an opportunity to...

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  • TAMU CCME II at Oysterfest in Austin, Texas May 11, 2023

    TAMUCC NOAA CCME-II Scholars Neina Chapa (L) and Alyssa Outhwaite (R) work the Coastal Conservation and Restoration booth at the Texas Oysterfest held in Austin, Texas. Oyster Fest is an outreach event to increase public awareness about oyster ecology. 

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  • BCU CCME II Scholars attend Indian Lagoon Symposium May 11, 2023

    CCME II students Jiyahna Price and LaKean McGregor at the Indian River Lagoon Symposium. The symposium provides a forum for science and management applications to be discussed. The event provides an opportunity for student to network, build collaborations and engage in efforts related to the lagoon. The theme of this year’s conference focus on...

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  • FAMU Secures $30M Federal Grant to Recruit and Train the Next Generation of Minority Scientists February 12, 2023

    FAMU Secures $30M Federal Grant to Recruit and Train the Next Generation of Minority Scientists Florida A&M University (FAMU) is the recipient of a $30 million, five-year federal grant from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to support the Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems (CCME) and its mission to find and train the next...

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Elizabeth Mogus-Garcia
Elizabeth Mogus-Garcia

Elizabeth Mogus-Garcia

Elizabeth Mogus-Garcia, a NOAA CCME Master’s Scholar at UTRGV, will be participating in the NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship 2022 at the New York State Coastal Management Program in Albany, New York starting August 1, 2022 and finish August 31, 2024.

This fellowship project focuses on the development of framework elements for the New York State Coastal Management Program to support successful community-driven managed retreat.

Elizabeth will focus on developing a guidance document to inform a framework on approaches to strategic managed retreat considering coastal processes and climate change adaptation, with particular attention to socioeconomic sustainability and concerns at the municipal level.


Jordana Cutajar
Jordana Cutajar

Jordana Cutajar

Jordana Cutajar has accepted an appointment for a NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control in Dover, Delaware.

She will report for duty on August 8, 2022 and finish the fellowship August 8, 2024 working under Kristen Thornton and Kimberly Cole on “Building Resilience through Relationships: Collaborating with Local Organizations to Support Frontline Communities”.


CCME-II Core Staff

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CCME-II Latest Publications

Bollinger, M., Macartney, K. J., Easton, E. E., & Hicks, D. (2022). Islands in the mud: The South Texas banks provide crucial mesophotic habitat for coral communities. Frontiers in Marine Science.
Saccomanno, V. R., Bell, T., Pawlak, C., Stanley, C. K., Cavanaugh, K. C., Hohman, R., ... & Gleason, M. (2022). Using unoccupied aerial vehicles to map and monitor changes in emergent kelp canopy after an ecological regime shift. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.
Vallejo, J., Sanchez, K., Roozee, E., & Temby, O. (2022). Disaster resilience versus ecological resilience and the proposed second causeway to south Padre Island. Case Studies in the Environment6(1), 1714379.
Haskins, J., Endris, C., Thomsen, A.S.*, Gerbl, F., Fountain, M.C., and Wasson, K. (2021). UAV to Inform Restoration: A Case Study From a California Tidal Marsh. Frontiers in Environmental Science. DOI LINK
Thomsen, A.S.*, Krause, J., Appiano, M., Tanner, K.E., Endris, C., Haskins, J., Watson, E., Woolfolk, A., Fountain, M.C., and Wasson, K. (2021). Monitoring Vegetation Dynamics at a Tidal Marsh Restoration Site: Integrating Field Methods, Remote Sensing and Modeling. Estuaries and Coasts. DOI LINK