Professor Schulterbrandt Gragg

Professor Schulterbrandt Gragg conducts research and community engagement in the areas of environmental justice, health disparities, sustainable community development, the food-energy-water nexus, policy, and workforce development in STEM fields. At the Florida A&M University [FAMU] School of the Environment, he teaches courses such as fundamentals of environmental science, environmental justice, environmental toxicology and human health, environmental ethics and supervised research.

His work reflects 30 years of leadership and expertise analyzing complex issues, devising solutions, and bridging differences between diverse stakeholders. He currently serves as President of the National Technical Association and Co-Chair of the HBCU Geosciences Working Group. He is also the principal consultant at the Public Private Partnership for Sustainable Community Development. Dr. Schulterbrandt Gragg collaboratively reaches across disciplines and sectors to foster participatory action and solutions. He is skilled in aligning resources with shifting priorities, and enriching effectiveness in the preparation of place-based environmental change agents. Dr. Schulterbrandt Gragg holds the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and the M.S. in Pharmacology from Florida A&M University; and the B.S. in Biochemistry from SUNY Binghamton University.

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