Dr. Brent P. Thoma

Dr. Thoma spent his formative years exploring the natural beauty of Missouri's springs, streams, and lakes, but his interests in invertebrate zoology and marine biology drew him to the Gulf Coast. After taking part in the Summer Field Program at the Gulf Coast Research Lab (GCRL) as an undergraduate, Brent returned to GCRL to complete his Master's in Coastal Sciences prior to completing his PhD and post-doctoral research at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he focused on the evolution and ecology of decapod crustaceans (e.g., crabs, shrimps, lobsters). Brent is currently an Assistant Professor and Director of the Marine Science Program in the Department of Biology at Jackson State University.

At present, his research includes: 1) use of eDNA to examine trophic ecology in marine ecosystems, 2) population biology of crustaceans, 3) impacts of microplastics on marine and estuarine organisms.

JSU Faculty/Staff

Dr. Brent P. Thoma Dr. Brent P. Thoma
Primary Investigator
Dr. Naira A. Ibrahim Dr. Naira A. Ibrahim
Assistant Professor