Dr. Kamal S. Ali

Dr. Kamal S. Ali is a Professor of Computer Engineering at Jackson State University (JSU). Prior to joining JSU, in 2005, Dr. Ali was a professor at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) for 20 years. During his tenure at JSU and USM, Dr. Ali served as a consultant and Chief Technical Advisor for the United Nations. He also served as the founding Director of the Computer Engineering Track at the United Arab Emirates University, UAE, and as a Research Associate/Consultant for the Department of Defense (US Army, Air Force, and Navy) and the US Department of Energy. Dr. Ali’s research focuses primarily on Unmanned Systems and Machine intelligence. As of late, Dr. Ali’s research has shifted more towards issues with the STEM education pipeline in the United States.

JSU Faculty/Staff

Dr. Brent P. Thoma Dr. Brent P. Thoma
Primary Investigator
Dr. Naira A. Ibrahim Dr. Naira A. Ibrahim
Assistant Professor