Marquita White

Dr. Viniece Jennings

Marquita White provides human resources and program management experience to grant funded projects at Jackson State University (JSU). She currently supports NOAA’s Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems as Project Manager and Education Liaison. She holds an M.Ed. in teaching arts and an MBA in business administration, both from Mississippi College, and a B.B.A in marketing from Jackson State University. Her skillset includes STEM education, market research and development, curriculum design and application development. As a former educator, Marquita assisted with implementation and evaluation of some of Jackson Public School District’s (JPS) early standard core-based curriculum models and instructional schedules while serving as a classroom educator, team lead, school-level testing coordinator, and curriculum development team member. She also provides research-based methods and networking tools in and out of the educational field. Some of her projects include database development, curriculum design for math and science courses in Jackson Public Schools and program design for an initiative with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

JSU Faculty/Staff

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Primary Investigator
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