Kristina Alexander, J.D.

Dr. Paul Montagna

Endowed Chair for Marine Policy and Law. Ms. Alexander has practiced environmental law for over two decades. She served as the Legislative Attorney in natural resources law for the Congressional Research Service for over eight years, examining legal issues related to wildlife laws, the National Environmental Policy Act, and federal lands management on behalf of Members of Congress and their staff. Her work focuses on coastal issues affecting the Gulf of Mexico such as the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, permitting related to aquaculture and energy development, and green stormwater infrastructure.

TAMUCC Faculty/Staff

Dr. Paul Montagna Dr. Paul Montagna
Principal Investigator, HRI Chair for HydroEcology
Dr. Michael Wetz Dr. Michael Wetz
HRI Chair for Coastal Ecosystem Processes
Dr. James Gibeaut Dr. James Gibeaut
Endowed Chair for Coastal and Marine Geospatial Sciences
Dr. Jennifer Beseres Pollack Dr. Jennifer Beseres Pollack
HRI Chair for Coastal Conservation & Restoration
Dr. Xinping Hu Dr. Xinping Hu
HRI Chair for Ecosystem Science & Modeling
Dr. Greg Stunz Dr. Greg Stunz
Senior Executive Director, HRI Chair for Fisheries and Ocean Health
Kristina Alexander Kristina Alexander
Endowed Chair for Marine Policy & Law
Dr. Dale Gawlik Dr. Dale Gawlik
HRI Chair for Conservation & Biodiversity
Mikell Smith Mikell Smith
Education Liaison