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Research Vessel Point Sur

NOAA CCME Scholar Queriah Simpson, CCME Faculty members Dr. Steve Morey and Dr. Michael Martinez-Colon are aboard the Research Vessel Point Sur taking part in the Hydrodynamics and Habitat Suitability for Meiofauna And Corals (HydroSMAC) Mission. The mission will be using the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Global Explorer to study benthic communities off the West Florida Escarpment (WFE).

Steve Morey aboard the HydroSMAC Mission
Our mission focuses on exploration of deep (>1,000m) habitats of the WFE, with particular emphasis on hard-bottom communities such as corals and sponges, and the tiny animals called meiofauna that live in sediments. Our objectives are to generate new data on distribution of coral species in this understudied area, and to assess whether we can use meiofauna communities as indicators of ambient current regimes. We will work with NOAA collaborators to incorporate our data into their Habitat Suitability Models and to ‘ground truth’ oceanographic current models.

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This study is funded by NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration and Research