Funded by the NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions Cooperative Agreement Award #NA16SEC4810009

Miya Pavlock McAuliffe

Miya was a NOAA CCME Graduate Scholar who completed her Master's in Marine Science through the California State University - Monterey Bay at Moss Landing Marine Labs, with a focus on coastal physical and geological oceanography in Spring of 2020.

Miya's research is focused on assessing shoreline and sandbar response to storm events using imagery data. Miya earned her Bachelor's degree with a major in Oceanography and minor in Arctic Policy from the University of Washington, Seattle.

She subsequently worked as a Data Technician automating oceanographic data analysis and processing methods for a consulting firm before returning to graduate school. She strives to pursue a career that integrates data science, ocean and earth sciences, and making science accessible.